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Chapter 6: Säìkhya-yoga

Bg 6.30
yo mam pasyati sarvatra
sarvam ca mayi pasyati
tasyaham na pranasyami
sa ca me na pranasyati
yaù—whoever; mäm—Me; paçyati—sees; sarvatra—everywhere; sarvam—everything; ca—and; mayi—in Me; paçyati—he sees; tasya—his; aham—I; na—not; praëaçyämi—am lost; saù—he; ca—also; me—to Me; na—nor; praëaçyati—is lost.
For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me, I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me.
A person in Kåñëa consciousness certainly sees Lord Kåñëa everywhere, and he sees everything in Kåñëa. Such a person may appear to see all separate manifestations of the material nature, but in each and every instance he is conscious of Kåñëa, knowing that everything is the manifestation of Kåñëa's energy. Nothing can exist without Kåñëa, and Kåñëa is the Lord of everything—this is the basic principle of Kåñëa consciousness.
Kåñëa consciousness is the development of love of Kåñëa—a position transcendental even to material liberation. It is the stage beyond self-realization at which the devotee becomes one with Kåñëa in the sense that Kåñëa becomes everything for the devotee, and the devotee becomes full in loving Kåñëa. An intimate relationship between the Lord and the devotee then exists. In that stage, the living entity attains his immortality. Nor is the Personality of Godhead ever out of the sight of the devotee. To merge in Kåñëa is spiritual annihilation. A devotee takes no such risk. It is stated in the Brahma-saàhitä:
santaù sadaiva hådayeñu vilokayanti
yaà çyämasundaram acintya-guëa-svarüpaà
govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämi
"I worship the primeval Lord, Govinda, who is always seen by the devotee whose eyes are anointed with the pulp of love. He is seen in His eternal form of Çyämasundara situated within the heart of the devotee." (Bs. 5.38)
At this stage, Lord Kåñëa never disappears from the sight of the devotee, nor does the devotee ever lose sight of the Lord. In the case of a yogé who sees the Lord as Paramätmä within the heart, the same applies. Such a yogé turns into a pure devotee and cannot bear to live for a moment with out seeing the Lord within himself.


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