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Chapter 6: Säìkhya-yoga

Bg 6.29
sarva-bhuta-stham atmanam
sarva-bhutani catmani
iksate yoga-yuktatma
sarvatra sama-darsanah
sarva-bhüta-stham—situated in all beings; ätmänam—the Supersoul; sarva—all; bhütäni—entities; ca—also; ätmani—in the Self; ékñate—does see; yoga-yukta-ätmä—one who is dovetailed in Kåñëa consciousness; sarvatra—everywhere; sama-darçanaù—seeing equally.
A true yogé observes Me in all beings, and also sees every being in Me. Indeed, the self-realized man sees Me everywhere.
A Kåñëa conscious yogé is the perfect seer because he sees Kåñëa, the Supreme, situated in everyone's heart as Supersoul (Paramätmä). Éçvaraù sarva-bhütänäà håd-deçe 'rjuna tiñöhati. The Lord in His Paramätmä feature is situated within both the heart of the dog and that of a brähmaëa. The perfect yogé knows that the Lord is eternally transcendental and is not materially affected by His presence in either a dog or a brähmaëa. That is the supreme neutrality of the Lord. The individual soul is also situated in the individual heart, but he is not present in all hearts. That is the distinction between the individual soul and the Supersoul. One who is not factually in the practice of yoga cannot see so clearly. A Kåñëa conscious person can see Kåñëa in the heart of both the believer and nonbeliever. In the småti this is confirmed as follows: ätatatväc ca mätåtväd ätmä hi paramo hariù.
The Lord, being the source of all beings, is like the mother and the maintainer. As the mother is neutral to all different kinds of children, the Supreme Father (or Mother) is also. Consequently the Supersoul is always in every living being. Outwardly, also, every living being is situated in the energy of the Lord. As will be explained in the Seventh Chapter, the Lord has, primarily, two energies—the spiritual (or superior) and the material (or inferior). The living entity, although part of the superior energy, is conditioned by the inferior energy; the living entity is always in the Lord's energy. Every living entity is situated in Him in one way or another. The yogé sees equally because he sees that all living entities, although in different situations according to the results of fruitive work, in all circumstances remain the servants of God. While in the material energy, the living entity serves the material senses; and while in spiritual energy, he serves the Supreme Lord directly. In either case the living entity is the servant of God. This vision of equality is perfect in a person in Kåñëa consciousness.


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